Every Dog is a Rare Beast.

My dog's name is Ferny.  That's him in the picture at the top of this page.  He is a hound-heeler mutt and he has sworn an undying hatred of airplanes.  He also will offer his back end for scratching, sometimes with a great deal of, um... emphasis, to anyone who seems even remotely interested. 

What makes your dog a rare beast?  The thing I love most about my job is getting to know all the funny little quirks, personalities, likes, and dislikes, of the doggies in my packs.  And that makes me a better dogwalker, because when I know my doggies, I can make sure that they are safe, having fun, and getting plenty of exercise during their time with me.

Why Choose Rare Beast?

  • Peace of mind:  Come home from your busy day to a doggie that's tired and content from his exciting adventure at the park.
  • Smaller group sizes:  I walk groups of 5-7 dogs - so doggies get a happy medium between lots of individualized attention and plenty of opportunities for socialization.
  • Personalized service:  By really getting to know the doggies in my care, I can make sure that they are having the time of their lives out on their walks.
  • Communication:  Does your rare beast have a new friend in the pack?  I'll send you a picture.  Does she seem under the weather?  I'll let you know about that, too.