My packs of six to eight dogs enjoy seventy-five minute off-leash excursions that maximize safety and fun!


Starting out

We’ll begin by setting up a meeting at your home so that I can begin to get to know your doggie in an environment that’s comfortable for her, and so that we can have a conversation about your/her dogwalking needs. We’ll discuss placement of your dog in my morning or afternoon pack - this will depend on her temperament and activity level, your scheduling needs, and my pickup and drop-off logistics.

On her first day, I’ll start your doggie on leash and watch him carefully to gauge his comfort level with me, the other dogs, and the environment. Depending on his needs, I may work with him intensively for several weeks to develop his recall, or, if he’s already well-accustomed to off-leash experiences, he may be able to be an off-leash member of the pack relatively quickly. Either way, during our first several weeks together, I’ll be focusing on developing a trusting bond with your dog through affection, positive experiences, and attention development exercises.

I’ll begin by sending frequent progress reports and pictures of your doggie with her new friends so that you can get a feel for what her experience is like and so that we can address any issues that arise. As we develop a routine, I’ll continue to send pictures via text and let you know about anything new that comes up.

Thoughtful group composition

My packs include a mix of larger dogs and sturdy, active little dogs. Doggies are placed within packs with consideration of their play style, their activity level, and

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The details:

  • Your dog will be picked up from your house in my spacious and (relatively!) clean van, along with his friends.

  • We’ll hit the trails at/near Fort Funston for seventy-five minutes of running, sniffing, and play.

  • Walks are active and are most suitable for doggies who are physically able to cover at least 1.5 miles of uneven terrain.

  • Tired and happy, your dog will be returned to your home after being out for two to three hours.